Market Survey and Regulation

Our vision

The strategic approach of a new market shall not be summarized to a quantitative study based on comparative ratios, but shall - above all – take into account a qualitative point of view, based on regulatory environment, power and influence of opinion leaders, willingness to accept innovation and take some risks compared with an approved and existing technology… In fact, key success factors stay fully country-dependant, and it remains mandatory to conduct a comprehensive market study in France prior to any commercialization of a medical innovation.


Through our Market Surveys, Inno3Med helps you determine the level of interest of the French market and the key success factors for your medical innovations

Market Survey : the Key Points


  • Focus on competition, existing technologies, entry barriers
  • Contact with opinion leaders
  • Help run clinical trials
  • Contact with supervisory authorities  (HAS, ANSM…)

  • Definition of key success factors
  • Estimate of market size and potentially reachable market share
  • Price benchmark
  • Advise regarding future distribution network