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Inno3Med becomes french partner of Austrian company EMCOOLS

Inno3Med has just signed a distributorship agreement with austrian company EMCOOLS. EMCOOLS develops innovative cooling devices designed to improve survival rates and neurological outcome after acute ischemic events and in various hyperthermic diseases like sepsis, heatstroke or malignant hyperthermia. The patented, non-invasive HypoCarbon® pads ensure an easy application, provide highly efficient cooling rates and can be used in the pre-hospital and in-hospital setting. More information on


CENROB acquires H200

CENRob, the Centre d'Expertise National en Robotique ( has just purchased the first Bioness H200 orthosis on the French market. The objectives of CENRob are to improve the autonomy and quality of life of persons with disabilities and/or loss of autonomy with the use of assistive robotics by promoting innovative projects in this field and also train and educate on the use of these technologies. The H200, which perfectly meets these requirements, will thus be presented to patients during the future event organized ...


First order for Vibratip

Pré-ré-diab, a regional nurses network specialized in diabetes care, placed the first order of Vibratip in France, only few months after contact was made between Inno3Med and McCallan Medical."We are delighted with the support and hard work provided by Inno3Med resulting in completion of local registration, development of strategy and achievement of first orders", says Danny O'Connell, Managing Director of McCallan Medical


Inno3Med selected to participate to AFIB regional event

Inno3Med has been selected among the 2 companies to participate to the regional event organiszd by the French Association of Biomedical Engineers on June 11th at Centre Hospitalier Sud Francilien. Inno3Med will present the latest technologies of our international partners in front of biomedical engineers of all Paris suburban area. This invitation marks the start of Inno3Med's recognition as a new player in the field of medical innovations in the French market.


Inno3Med in contact with Dovideq Medical to launch the ScopeControl

A progressive company based in Deventer, the Netherlands. DOVIDEQ medical has gained an enviable reputation with hospitals for providing cutting edge technology and functionality to improve existing work flows. Dovideq Medical and Inno3Med have started discussions to plan the future launch in France of the ScopeControl, world’s first fast and more importantly objective endoscope test analyser.


Inno3Med signs an exclusive sales agent contract with McCallan Medical

Only 3 months after its creation, Inno3Med has signed a new sales agent contract with McCallan Medical, in order to promote the sales in France of Vibratip, a wipe-clean, pocket-sized and disposable device for testing vibration sense. "Although not initially specialized in our core business, Inno3Med has been very efficient to find relevant contacts and raise some interest in our products. His work has provided us with good and solid basis to develop our sales in the near future" says Danny ...


Inno3Med will launch the new GIVA patient shirt in France

The Giva shirt is a long awaited product and innovative patient shirt. Developed in Sweden by an experienced intensive care nurse, it has been designed to improve the everyday both for patients and staff. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of French healthcare market, Inno3Med has been chosen by GIVA inventors to promote their innovation in France.


BeamMed and Inno3Med to work together on the French Market

Beammed, an Israeli company specialized in early assessment of osteoporosis, has chosen INNO3MED to investigate the French market regarding the use of QUS (Quantitative Ultra Sound) technology and the future promotion of the state-of-the-art MiniOmni device.


Inno3Med signs a sales representation agreement in France with Bioness

After a first meeting during Medica in Nov 2012, Inno3Med and Bioness made their partnership official by signing a sales representation agreement. "We have chosen Inno3Med as our sales agent in France because of their pragmatic and professional approach of the market, and knowledge of international business. We thus look forward to starting our cooperation in France" said Cees ZUIDERWIJK, Director of International Business Development at Bioness Europe


OGENIX, an American company based in OHIO, has asked  Inno3MeD to prospect the French market and promote  EPIFLO, a unique device that heals chronic wounds faster,  using the technology of Transdermal Continuous Oxygen Therapy (TCOT) "We know France might be a difficult market to enter, so we trust our cooperation with Inno3Med will help us achieve our goal", said Craig DAVIS, OGENIX Managing Director