Our references

...and only since February 2013 !!! We are confident many more will come !

The strategy proposed and implemented by Cedric is the one that proved
successful in other countries for the Fall-Safe. We all appreciate that it is
not easy to get into the French healthcare market, but Cédric’s record, and his
experience with products designed to meet similar and parallel needs in France,
give us great confidence that he will succeed

“We have been looking for a company that could introduce the social robot PARO for people with dementia and others in France. With the attitudes, mentality, communication and personality that Cedric Maizieres represents, in combination with the network he is into, we are convinced that we have found a very good way to present and sell PARO in France”

Lone Gaedt – Senior Consultant – Danish Technological Institute

The beginning of PARO launch on the French market is very successful, Inno3Med had a lot of marketing ideas, high-level contacts and a good network in the field of assisting technologies. Although we know it will take time, we are now confident about PARO’s future success in France

We are delighted with the support and hard work provided by Inno3Med resulting in completion of local registration, development of strategy and achievement of first orders.



Thanks to Inno3Med professional network in healthcare we were able to present our innovation to a large group of 30 biomedical engineers coming from Paris and all its suburban area. It was a very good and efficient way to start investigating the French market. Mr. Maizieres is very active and seams to have good contacts to help us launching this product. The first promising meetings are coming up the coming months.

“ Inno3Med understood quickly our commercial approach and helped us by finding relevant facilities willing to try our products in renowned French hospitals. It gives us good hopes to start a great commercialization in France”

We have chosen Inno3Med as our sales agent in France because of their pragmatic and professional approach of the market, and knowledge of international business. Inno3Med has helped us to shorten our market introduction effectively. 

It is a pleasure to working with Mr. Cédric Maizieres because of his fast and effective communication, his good understanding of our business, his goal-oriented mentality and last but not least his personality.  

We know France might be a difficult market to enter, so we trust our cooperation with Inno3Med will help us achieve our goal